Urban Outlaw

I'm the first to admit that cars aren't high up on my list of passions. That said, something I am passionate about is passion itself and seeing it flow into and through people's lives. 
Everyone has something different that makes them tick. It might be art, books, photography, engines, music, skateboarding, surfing, or any number of other things. Those of us that are lucky enough (or work hard enough) are able to channel those passions into our everyday lives blurring the line between work and play while paying the bills. 
I've not only watched Urban Outlaw many times but also shared it through various personal and work related avenues over the past 5 years or so. Although this is about the Sheffield born, LA resident, Porsche loving Magnus Walker and his Porsche customisation business, this 32 minute long film inspires me in many ways. The clean style in which it's filmed, his self taught knowledge, his unwavering dedication to his dreams, his history and story and of course the setting - beautiful, dusty, sun drenched LA. 
Kick back, enjoy - this is cool...

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