The Balance Collection - Round 1

It's no secret that in a busy world of juggling life, work, love and a pandemic that feels like it came right out of a John Carpenter film, everyone needs to find some balance. For as long as I can remember, I have observed with growing fondness, various cultures across the globe that for want of a better term seem to have their balance nailed. 

From yoga and meditation to wild swimming and Wim Hof's breathing techniques, those who are so inclined to dedicate themselves find their own ways to feel relaxed, switch off and reset. 

Of course, sometimes the obvious roads aren't the most suited to us wandering folk and as those who feel more comfortable treading new paths our chosen methods of escape might differ from the norm.

Ironically, we need these techniques when we feel the least inspired to get up and practice them. 

Although far from balanced myself, there are fundamental things in my life that bring me back to what matters, peace, stoke and my own sense of belonging. 

Skateboarding, Surfing, Travel & Movies

A thread of inspiration that you're all more than aware of through the Hoy Lifestyle social feeds. 

Hoy Storm Tree Hoody

Why this aesthetic and the 'Storm Tree'? 

When I approached Steph (Maclaren) with my desire to create this collection, it was important to me to draw on things that I was passionate about when I was a kid alongside more recent life experiences. 

Growing up, being all but obsessed with anything Eastern and the mystery and magic surrounding the rich history and dedication within Martial arts and spirituality, I chose to spend my hard earned paper round money on bonsai trees and kung fu movies. 

With anything from Bruce lee classics to pure popcorn entertainment such as Karate Kid playing on loop until the VHS wore out in the background of most days. 

The Storm Tree graphic, although inspired by the intricate nature of bonsai trees is based on the gnarled hedges and trees that line the coastal paths of Cornwall and Japan - loving tweaked into the recognisable Hoy 'H'

Hoy Storm Tree tee

"Take the Long Road Home" 

To see these weather beaten, wise looking trees, you'd most definitely need to veer away from main overdeveloped roads or pathways and take the long road home, a reminder of which sits at the front of each piece in the collection. 

Stepping away from the tiny chest print x big back print norm, this collection (crop excluded) makes a statement front and back with two differing pieces of original Hoy artwork. 

Hoy Storm Tree tee

There's a message here and desire for everyone, myself included, to step back, explore you're passions, take the long road home, breath in the fresh air and of course - find your balance.


View the full collection here

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