Rone x New Balance

Founded by professional skateboarder, Tony Ferguson Rone is the culmination of his lifelong passion for design, skateboarding and footwear.   

This week, in collaboration with New Balance, the Thiago Lemos 1010 shoe was released, bringing with it a distinctive 90s flavour, nostalgic details and modern wearability. 

In this short film, Tony explains the inspiration behind the design of the shoe.

"The idea of the collaboration was staying true to what Rone does, by taking these classic silhouettes and elevating them"

Joined by Wilton Souza, Lucas Marques, Tallys Junior, Jeron Wilson, Leonardo Bodelazzi and of course Tiago the shoe is put through it's paces in the best way imaginable - enjoy. 

Rone X New Balance Tiago 1010

Rone X New Balance

Rone X New Balance Thiago Lemos 1010

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