Out There : Gino Iannucci

New from Thrasher today, a mini documentary about the certified legend that is Gino Iannucci was released. Filmed by Waylon Bone, the film explores Gino's day to day life, today. Showing an active, happy and focused Gino, who at 48 years old still continues to push himself and the boundaries of pure, effortless style that he's affectionately known for. 

Gino is by far my favourite skateboarder so this made for a well spent half an hour on my long train journey from Newquay to London today. In fact, I got so involved in what i was watching that i whistled at a trick at one point forgetting I was surrounded by suits and others that had no idea where my iphone had taken me - anyway, click below to watch. Enjoy x 

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