One Hundred Days of a Salty Dude - Zye Norris

Whenever some new Deus media drops into our inbox or feed, we know that what we're about to watch will offer us escapism, fun and inspiration. This 13 minute short film throws all of the Deus ingredients in a pot and cooks up exactly what we've come to expect from one of our favourite brands... 
The Deus write up: 
As with all the great epic traditions, Zye Norris, your archetypal ‘salty dude’ sallied forth and spent, a lot more than the titled, one hundred days in the water, crossing lands, and just wallowing about in a variety of vacuous rooms. His journey saw him on boards and bikes, in cars, dilapidated buses and on dubious boats and the odd rickety plane. All to take him to an assortment of appropriate, though rather remote, salt encrusted whereabouts across the Indonesian archipelago. ⁠
The fruits of his labours culminated in a wonderful compilation of clips that our master movie tailor, Andre Cricket, has been able to fashion together to create a fitting anthology of Zye’s surf work.
We invite you to take up a spot on the lounge, load up on beverages and the necessary snacks and dive headlong into this wonderful little movie.
Surfer: Zye Norris
Director of Photography: Andre Cricket
Camera Operators: Andre Cricket, Nick Jones, Anthony Dodds, Giang Alam Wardani & Jajad.
Aerial Photography: Errol Vaes –
Water Photography: Alejandro Berger
Editor: Andre Cricket
Music: South is the Way – Lofive Feat. Divty
Hard – Rain Jewels
The Sweetest Days – Jordy Maxwell
Sirens – Rain Jewel

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