Jailhouse Stripes & The Bandit T-shirt

For the Rule breakers, Rebels & Rouges. 
The bold appearance and high contrast of black and white stripes is eye catching, stylish and versatile. With recognisable history, 'striped' clothing has been popular attire on the high seas to less desirable jailhouse jumpsuits that were designed to make escaped convicts stand out from the crowd. 

@tropicaljesus69 and @kozmoore

Lanzarote based couple Kozmoore & Tropicaljesus69


In recent decades, stripes have become a fashion staple and a casual timeless classic. From Bold, thick blocks of conflicting tones to tight subtle, thinner details, there's a striped style for everyone. 

Greg Noll Waimea

'Da Bull' the legendary Greg Noll made his mark while wearing Jailhouse striped Trunks while charging big waves in the 1950s and 1960s

Cowboy Bandit

This guy just looks like a cool bandit

  1. a robber or outlaw belonging to a gang and typically operating in an isolated or lawless area.

At Hoy, we continue celebrate classic styles and timeless products that have story and purpose and as not the hugest fans of the rules and a desire to draw our own lines, introducing 'The Bandit' T-shirt in one simple colour way 'Jailhouse' makes perfect sense...

Hoy Bandit T-shirt - Jailhouse

Our new Bandit T-shirt - Jailhouse is a subtle, comfortable nod to strong style while lending itself to the practicality of everyday wear. 

The stripes do the talking. Only a woven Hoy sign off at the hem decorates this regular fit T-shirt. 

Motorbike fuel tank

Not Just for clothing

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