Introducing Sants

A capsule collection celebrating iconic skate spot 'Sants' in Barcelona, Spain.
The image that is the heart of this range was shot on a trip to Barcelona in the early 2000s. Sitting on the bench at the end closest to the station, I spotted this view and immediately swung my camera in that direction. Capturing the soul of Sants, broken boards and discarded shoes sit on top of the roof that provides much needed shade from the summer sun, the blue sky that seems to be present all year round and a hint of the city that surrounds us.

For many travelling skateboarders who visit Barcelona, Sants is the first spot you see having taken the train from the airport into the city. For me, the first time I saw it at 18 years old, it was like I'd stepped right into the dream that was the skate videos I'd grown up with.

To most people, Sants is nothing more than a large weary, area outside a train station in a city. To skateboarders, Sants is potential, fun, exciting and inspires creativity. In the same way, I feel this image is recognisable to those who know and have skated Sants whilst being obscure to the untrained eye.

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Hoy Sants T-shirt

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