Hoy Launches on Wavelength

As you can imagine, it was huge deal when the amazing team at Wavelength Magazine approached me wanting to stock Hoy in their online store. As Europe's longest running surf publication, celebrating its 40th birthday next year, Wavelength is one of the most respected surf media companies out there. 
This is what editor, Luke Gartside wrote about Hoy Lifestyle 
Since pulling up the shutters on the new look Wavelength shop, we’ve been excitedly filling our virtual shelves with some of our favourite brands from across the globe. 
So far, we’ve hung up choice pieces from the likes of Deus, who hail originally from a greasy floored Sydney workspace, Roark who were born in Laguna Beach, and sophisticated Scandinavian luggage specialists DB. Today, we’re excited to introduce a brighter-eyed and bushier-tailed ensemble, conceived a lot closer to home.
Hoy is the brainchild of Cornish based James Wright, who, after working for many years building a successful independent surf brand alongside a small team, set out to craft something entirely new.
To realise his vision, he assembled a team of craftspeople, including designers, screen printers and seamstresses. Together they’ve created a diverse collection that marries timeless style, high-quality materials and sustainable values, drawing on a raft of design inspiration from victorian casuals to classic skate culture and poster art. 
Among the range, there’s merino beanies for keeping warm on windswept beaches, racer back singlets for balmy summer days, bold print t-shirts for big nights out and oversized sweaters for cruisey evenings in.  
While the style notes are called from far and wide, a commitment to durability runs through each and every piece like a single unsnappable thread.
“I’ve always been a sucker for good looking products that last,” says James. “Often for me, clothing, art and hardware look better when they’ve been put to the test, used for their purpose, survived and come out the other side. Stories have been made, paths have been trodden and your clothing and possessions show those adventures.”
“With that in mind, Hoy has been made to endure. I’m looking forward to seeing oil-stained tees, ripped sweaters, beaten up boards and original pieces still going strong in years to come.”

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