Greetings from Philadelphia

Red Bull's most recent episode of 'Greetings' explores Philadelphia's thriving skate scene. With all important nods to the the original Philly crew who are responsible for putting LOVE and City Hall on the map to the next generation of the city's skateboarders, Greetings from Philadelphia is a captivating mini documentary, saturated with incredible talent. 
Josh Kalis Love Park by Mike Blabac
No mention of Philly would be complete without a reference to Josh Kalis & Love Park. Photo: Mike Blabac
I was lucky enough to grow up in the mid - late 90s period of skateboarding and into the early 2000s when 411 and other videos such as Alien Workshop's Photosynthesis and of course the DC Video among others were our window to the Philly skate scene. 
Greetings from Philadelphia is a throw back to that feeling, oozing with Philly style, feeling nostalgic while remaining current. Like an old friend with new stories, I watched it twice in a row. 
Philadelphia City
Until now when I thought of Philly from a skateboarding point of view, I'd think of LOVE, Josh, Stevie, Ricky, Brian, Kerry, the list goes on. Of course FDR and Bam's influence were and are ever present but delving deeper into old and new 'less famous' spots with a new crew is an inspiring watch. 
FDR - the world's biggest DIY park and still growing - WTF! The place is incredible and the stuff that goes down there is next level. 
Grab a coffee and give this lil doco a watch. 
 Greetings from Philadelphia

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