20 Years of Yeah Right

It's sometimes hard to comprehend how quickly time can pass with amazing experiences becoming fond and distant memories in the blink of an eye. The twenty year anniversary of one of the best skateboard videos of all time has definitely highlighted this recently with Girl Skateboards', 'Yeah Right' hitting the two decade milestone. 

Yeah Right upped the game, bringing with it the style, fun & talent everyone expected from Girl. But with more... epic skits, new blood, hilarious celebrity involvement and a production value unlike any seen before, all put together under the watchful eyes of Spike Jonze & Ty Evans.

Spike Jonze and PRod filming Yeah Right

Spike Jonze filming P-Rod's slow motion Nollie Heelflip intro


This week, some of those involved met to discuss Yeah Right, revisit memories and tell stories about producing this industry altering video back in the early 2000s

Chris Roberts sat down with Paul Rodriguez, Jeron Wilson, Eric Koston, Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, Brian Anderson and Aaron Meza to chew the fat and reminisce. 



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