Our Story

Hoy. A collaborative project inspired by a love of the sea, skate culture and the comforts of home... Wherever that may be at any given time because we all know the draw of travel and adventure. With sustainability and ethics always in mind we create and curate a range of products that share our outlook and ethos. 

Where possible, our clothing is made from Organic, sustainable, trackable cotton and other materials. We work with accredited suppliers, and do as much as we can as close to home as possible. Sometimes, this includes screen printing and sewing in our own front room. 

With such a hands on approach, each product has unique story and feel. 

I've always been a sucker for stylish, good looking products that last. Often for me, clothing, art and hardware look better when they've been put to the test, used for their purpose, survived and come out the other side. Stories have been made, paths have been trodden and your clothing and possessions show those adventures. With that in mind, Hoy has been made to endure. I'm looking forward to seeing oil stained tees, ripped sweaters, beaten up boards and original pieces still going strong in years to come. 

Hoy is a collaboration of like minded, talented people that I have the pleasure of working with. Sure, the ideas and the vision are in my head and I draw inspiration from everywhere, from Skateboarding to movies, Beach culture to poster art but it's the people that bring those ideas to life. I will always continue to celebrate the people that choose to work with me and Hoy to make this whole idea possible. 

This thing is beginning, I'd love for you to join me on this journey. By just reading this, you have already shown your support. Thank you.