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Passenger – Travel Tin

Passenger – Travel Tin

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You find yourself seated next to a humble stranger. A companion for the road with the mature scent of woodsmoke and leather. Wise, comforting and nostalgic. This one has a story to tell.


Top‭: Lemon‭ / ‬Pine Needle
Middle‭: ‬Eucalyptus‭ /‬Lemon Myrtle
Base‭: ‬Patchouli‭ /‬Sandalwood

The fragrance will scent a small room for approximately 14 hours.

Keynvor travel tins are small but mighty. Perfect for lighting on a desk or in your book nook. The tins are small enough to take onto planes but deliver plenty of fragrance. Take your signature fragrance with you where ever you go! Keynvor use recycled labels and quality metal tin to lock in the fragrance,  the perfect gift for someone or for you to try our other candles.