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Meet the Team


Words: Esme

There's simply not enough space in this small paragraph for me to list all of the brilliant qualities that James brings to the table at Hoy. James has always put other people before himself and through his selflessness has found himself an integral part of the local scene and a rock on which many depend. James has spent many years grafting hard for others, doing the nitty gritty stuff - but with an unfaltering cheeky little grin on his face and usually a pint in hand at the end of a hard week. Now, it's his unwavering vision and total commitment to creating something authentic and true to himself which has really allowed Hoy to develop into what you see now; so much more than just another brand. James knows it's the people who make a community, it's collaboration which furthers your creative boundaries and 'this time next year Esme, we'll be in California!'.



Words: James
When setting out on the Hoy journey in September 2020, I would get asked daily “what is Hoy?” I prefer to think of it as “who is Hoy?” From the outset, we believe in celebrating the people whose passion and talent bring Hoy to life. From the artist to the seamstress, the shaper to the printer, the photographer to the surfer and many more. To start things off, meet Esme. My partner in life and Hoy, not only is she the voice of reason, a calming influence on my overly active brain and by far the more organised of the two us, Es brings a feminine touch to Hoy as well as heading up all of our product research to ensure sustainability and accountability through our supply chains. She also hand sews and prints some of our home wares at home in our living room along side working her day job in finance. She’s a smiley, cute, tattooed hero and deserves a great big high five.

Gavin Randall:

Words: James
Founder, owner, creator of Dust and Ink. I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Gavin for a couple of years. I've always found Gavin's approach to work more as a collaboration than just one side paying the other for a service. Always happy to advise, lend a hand and often go out of his way to help and deliver, Gavin does most of our screen printing. (We do a few pieces at home when time allows) His work is real and professional but with a personal touch, which, in my opinion is all too rare these days. 

Steph Maclaren:

Words: James
The Salt of the Earth. Thats the phrase that springs to mind when I think of Steph. Up at dawn, Bass fishing in the dark, followed by a solid days work, then home to create artwork, graphics and branding in the evenings. I've known Steph to say hi to for years but when we sat down to discuss Hoy, he just 'got it' and it felt like we'd chatted over a beer many times before. Shortly after that first meeting, Steph presented me with artwork, logos and graphics that were seemingly picked out of my subconscious. Thanks Steph, you've made my ideas visual and I love it. 

June Bradley:

Words: James
Talented, wise, relaxed and funny, June is a Newquay based seamstress that I've known and worked with for a the last 3-4 years. With a wealth of experience creating everything from T-shirts to curtains, June is adaptable and open to new challenges and ideas. Her outlook on life is something to admire and she has a very young soul. If you bump into June, her little terrier Bindi might sound like she's gonna tear your head off but she loves ya really. 

The Team at Dick Pearce:

Words: James
I'm a firm believer in supporting local business and celebrating those that are the best at their craft and have worked hard to get there. The Dick Pearce brand has decades of history and is owned and run by my friend Jamie, he and his family are very close friends of mine and are among the friendliest people you'll ever meet. Jamie's relaxed and fun loving approach to life flows into the Dick Pearce Bellyboards via his dedicated team of craftsmen, painters and screen printers. I wouldn't have anyone else make Hoy Bellyboards.